A lively international cultural exchange as mutual approach to understanding cultural diversity is one of the best possibilities to meet the challenges of our globalised society. Unfortunately, these days the exact opposite can frequently be observed in many places. In its role as central European platform for music and the music business and as an international cultural ambassador, Reeperbahn Festival not only arouses the spirit of discovery in music fans but also paves the way to international networking for small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany and Europe. For many years, every September a multitude of international artists as well as representatives of the music business have been pouring to Reeperbahn Festival to present themselves to their audiences or to potential business associates in this colourful Hamburg melting pot.

Reeperbahn Festival is carrying these ideas and its format to five new locations around the world, establishing spin-offs in Nashville, Beijing, New York, Accra and Los Angeles. Offering a public music programme and a special programme for professional visitors, they engage with fans and representatives of the music business and are intended to reflect the core of Reeperbahn Festival.

By way of these spin-offs, Reeperbahn Festival will provide German and European artists and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises from the music industry with access to relevant areas of its international network. The linkage to relevant events of sector in the corresponding countries of destination ensures greatest possible attention as well as high networking efficiency and new contacts for all participants.

In a virtual, increasingly global music industry, artists as well as small and medium-sized companies, which are typical for the sector, often do not have the means to realise real- life visits in particular to transcontinental partners.

Reeperbahn Festival with its new transcontinental offer provides an organisational as well as communicative umbrella for German and European artists and representatives of the music business fields of recording, publishing, distribution and management.

Apart from artists' presentations, all spin-offs include panels, networking events and matchmaking sessions as well as customised individual meetings with the scenes and businesses of the markets in question.

The Federal Foreign Office supports this new music-sector related culture industry initiative abroad.



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